Your New Job

From all over the country, families and businessmen and bachelorettes flock to Las Vegas for the bright lights, casinos, and evenings in dry desert climate. Las Vegas has the reputation of fun and frivolity, and most people visit because Las Vegas has an amazing tourist industry. The city thrives on this fact, and most companies within the region have wonderful customer service. While Las Vegas will always have the glitter and glamour of the leisure and hospitality industry, there are many other sectors of business that are truly the cogs and wheels of the beautiful machine you call Las Vegas. You can either find your new job in the tourism (Leisure and Hospitality) industry or in the non-tourism one.

Below you can see the breakdown of the Las Vegas employment industry:

Leisure and Hospitality -- 29.3%

Trade, Transportation and Utilities -- 17.6%

Professional and Business Services -- 12.1%

Construction -- 10.9%

Government -- 10.8%

Educational and Health -- 6.9%

Tourism Makes the Vegas Go ‘Round

Nearly 37 million people every year traverse the countryside to visit Las Vegas. The largest single chunk of the Las Vegas employment opportunities is the Leisure and Hospitality sector. These jobs will probably be the easiest for you to find upon relocating to the region. If you appreciate helping people or catering to their entertainment, then a job in Leisure and Hospitality is for you. You’ll be the one making sure that the visiting families, the businessmen, and the bachelorettes all have a fantastic time in the wonderful city of Las Vegas.

No Tourism? No Problem!

Do you not want a job in the tourism industry? That’s ok! While the tourism industry carries the largest single percentage of the Las Vegas business sector, the true majority of the industry is divided among the other sectors, nearly 59%. This part of the employment base is varied enough to maintain long-term economic stability within the city.These non-tourism jobs are the ones behind the bells and whistles. Without these society-founding jobs, the Las Vegas employment industry would wither. If you find yourself drawn to a less glamorous job and a more “normal” one, then you will be able to find what you need.